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First, there was "The Article," Maximizing Windows. For some reason, it spread all over the net. Then, Jeff Kroll wrote in and asked that I explain myself further. So I did. Now, three weeks later, we're on our third issue, and the questions just keep coming in. Could it be we're on a roll?

And now for this week's update...

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AskTog, June 29, 1998

How to buy a Designer

"loos1" wants to know how to find a competent designer, and Ralph Brandi points out I'm not one. The new index on the right should help both.

Advice to Apple

Craig Oshima wanted some advice on building cross-platform apps. Somehow, it was Apple, instead, that received it. Maybe some day they'll listen.

Close-Coupled Testing

One of Jeff Kroll's engineer friends was strangely unsatisfied with Maximizing Your Windows, claiming anyone with state-of-the-art testing facilities and an unlimited budget can publish good software. That's true, but so can you. Testing does not have to be elaborate or expensive to produce good results.


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