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Welcome to the fledgling humor page. You may expect to see this page grow over the coming months. For right now, here are three of the very best authors in the field, Dave Barry, Patrick McManus, and Sue Townsend.

The links connect to If you have already set your preferences there, you can click on any link, select "Buy 1 Now with 1-Click" and your books will arrive in a few days with no further action on your part. If you haven't used before, check it out. Once you've put in your name, address, and credit card info once, it is really easy to buy books from then on. It's also the nicest way to support AskTog—you get your books at the full 20% off, and we get a few pennies toward our ISP costs.

Barry, Dave Dave Barry is the acknowledged leader in print humor today; he is also my wife's and my favorite author across all genres. Columnist for the Miami Herald, he writes "about various major issues relating to the international economy, the future of democracy, the social infrastructure and exploding toilets." Browse among Dave's latest columns, then try one of his books, below. Dave's books are so uniformely good, I can make no recommendation for a first book. Just find a subject that's interesting to you, and try it. I've included both paperback and hardcover links because Dave Barry books tend to be read over-and-over again, so buying a Dave Barry hardback actually makes sense.

Babies and Other Hazards of Sex : How to Make a Tiny Person in Only 9 Months With Tools You Probably Have Around the Home (paperback) 1984
Calendar '99 the Dave Barry Calendar for 1999
Carp on the Fly : A Flyfishing Guide 1997
Claw Your Way to the Top : How to Become the Head of a Major Corporation in Roughly a Week (paperback) 1986
Dave Barry Does Japan (paperback) 1993
Dave Barry Does Japan (audiocassette—Arte Johnson of Laugh-in fame, performer 1992
Dave Barry in Cyberspace (paperback) 1997
Dave Barry in Cyberspace (hardcover) 1996
Dave Barry in Cyberspace (audiocassette—Shadoe Stevens, performer) 1996
Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus (hardcover only—new) 1997
Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up (paperback) 1995
Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up (hardcover) 1994
Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up (audiocassette—Arte Johnson of Laugh-in fame, performer 1994
Dave Barry Slept Here, a Sort of History of the United States (paperback) 1997
Dave Barry Talks Back (paperback) 1992
Dave Barry Talks Back (audiocassette—Arte Johnson of Laugh-in fame, performer) 1991
Dave Barry Turns 40 (paperback) 1991
Dave Barry Turns 50 (hardcover—new) 1998
Dave Barry Turns 50 (Random House Large Print) 1998
Dave Barry Turns 50 (audio cassettes) 1998
Dave Barry's Bad Habits a 100% Fact-Free Book (paperback) 1993
Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs (hardcover) 1997
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys : A Fairly Short Book (paperback) 1996
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys (audiocassette) 1995
Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys (compact disc) 1995
Dave Barry's Funniest Stuff (audiocassette) 1998
Dave Barry's Greatest Hits (mass-market [inexpensive] paperback) 1997
Dave Barry's Greatest Hits (trade paperback) 1991
Dave Barry's Greatest Hits (audio cassette—John Ritter, Tex Ritter's son & Three's Company star, performer) 1994
Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage And/or Sex (paperback) 1987
Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage And/or Sex (audiocassette) 1991
Dave Barry's Homes and Other Black Holes (paperback) 1995
Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need (paperback) 1992
Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need (audiocassette) 1991
Stay Fit and Healthy Until You're Dead (paperback) 1985
Stay Fit and Healthy Until You're Dead (audiocassette—Arte Johnson, of Laugh-in fame, performer) 1996

McManus, Patrick

McManus's world is one of peaceful woods and meandering streams, populated with hunters and fishermen who are a just a little wacked, getting into adventures that are nothing short of hilarious,. and the animals, more often as not, win. (On those rare occasions where they don't win, they extract a terrible price.) You can get a pretty good idea for the feel of McManus's stories just by looking at the titles.

My wife, who doesn't share my enthusiasm for McManus, has informed me that these are "guy books." Maybe strapping yourself to the fender of an old jalopy, then having your daffy friend drive it through rock-strewn fields at break-neck speed just to save a few cents on grasshoppers for bait doesn't do it for you. If not, buy McManus for some guy who probably has either done something at least as stupid himself or wished he had. Start with "Never Sniff a Gift Fish."

All books are large, sturdy trade paperbacks unless otherwise noted.

A Fine and Pleasant Misery 1987
A Fine and Pleasant Misery/Cassettes 1993
The Good Samaritan Strikes Again 1993
The Good Samaritan Strikes Again/Cassettes 1992
The Grasshopper Trap 1986
The Grasshopper Trap and Other Stories/Cassettes 1992
How I Got This Way 1995
How I Got This Way/Cassettes 1997
How to Fish a Creek/Cassettes 1998
I Fish : Therefore I Am 1995
Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing 1998
Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing/Cassettes 1997
Mosquito Bay/Cassettes 1998
Mountain Goats Never Say Cheese/Cassettes 1998
Never Cry 'Arp : And Other Great Adventures (hardcover) 1996
Never Sniff a Gift Fish 1989
Never Sniff a Gift Fish/Cassettes 1990
The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw 1990
The Night the Bear Ate Goombaw/Cassettes 1990
Real Ponies Don't Go Oink 1992
Real Ponies Don't Go Oink/Cassettes 1991
Rubber Legs and White Tail-Hairs 1988
Rubber Legs and White Tail Hairs/Cassettes 1991
Scritch's Creek/Audio Cassette 1998
They Shoot Canoes, Don't They? 1982
They Shoot Canoes Don't They? and Other Stories/ Cassettes 1991

Townsand, Sue

A brief history of English literature: First there was Chaucer. Then there was that guy who wrote all those old plays. Now, there is Adrian Mole. Synopsis from

Translated into 27 languages, the private reflections ostensibly penned by young Master Mole have gained a cultish following numbered in the millions. The...diaries of this set-upon closet genius are hilariously hedonistic and marvelously moving—filled with the soulful, scathing, and sly musings most of us never reveal.

I first picked up "Adrian Mole, aged 13 3/4" in the airport in Madrid around five years ago. Since then, everyone in my family must have read every Adrian Mole book two or three times over. Townsend's genius is particularly revealed in Adrian's diary entries about the goings-on in his British working-class family. As readers, we are all too aware of the meaning, for example, of certain outside "friendships" developed by both his mother and father in the course of their rocky marriage. Even though it only through Adrian's words in his diaries that we learn these truths, Adrian remains oblivious, making the story that much more poignantly funny.

Not all books are currently in print; they tend to drift in and out. I will add more as they again become available. The "Adrian Mole Diaries," incorporating the first two books, is the best value and the best of the writing.

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 (The lowest priced option, but the next book contains this and the book that followed together in a single volume, a better value.) 1987
The Adrian Mole Diaries. Includes The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 & The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole 1997
Adrian Mole : The Lost Years 1996
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 : The Play (A Methuen Paperback) 1986

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