Tog on Interface

Tog on Interface

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"Tog on Interface is a report from the front lines of interface design, full of anecdotes and useful tips. I recommend it for anybody who cares about personal computing."
- Stewart Alsop, Editor-in-Chief, InfoWorld

"If you work with graphical user interfaces, no matter what form or religion, you had better read this book."
- Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things and Turn Signals Are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles

"Tog's book is a must-read. It's chock-full of intuitive insights and practical technical examples. My favorite story is why people walk into their furniture after going on camping trips. You'll have to read the book to find out the reason!"
- Roger von Oech, Author of A Whack on the Side of the Head and developer of "The Creative Whack Pack"

From one of the foremost authorities on the design of user interfaces, this unique collection of ideas and opinions, while focusing on the Macintosh, neatly captures the underlying principles of all graphical user interfaces. Using ideas from such diverse sources as Information Theory, Carl Jung, and even professional beekeeping, the book provides a framework for achieving a deep understanding of user interface design.

With humor and thought-provoking insights, Bruce Tognazzini explores the central issues of human-computer interaction, including the challenges presented by multimedia applications, agents, virtual reality, and future technologies. Drawn from his long experience of working with developers, the book provides practical guidelines for developing successful applications that users will find simple, clear, and consistent.

Tog on Interface is fascinating reading for all those concerned with the relationship between people and computers.

ISBN: 0-201-60842-1
pages: 352
© 1992
binding: Paper

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